Hope Cove


Hope Cove

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to Salcombe, Devon for a few days. This unique part of South Devon had some of the best views that the South of England has to offer, and gave me plenty of photographic opportunities in the four days I was there.

After a long day of travelling to Salcombe, we decided to spend the evening at Hope Cove to rest and have some food. The little cove was a beautiful setting and seemed to be very popular among locals. We decided to have dinner at The Hope and Anchor, which was were most of the people seemed to go. Although busy, the food was faultless and they had live bands on which gave the restaurant/pub a nice atmosphere.

After our meal, we were lucky enough to get to see the sun setting on Hope Cove. Unfortunately, I hadn’t brought my camera to the meal, so the only photographs I managed to take were on my iPhone 7. However, I don’t think any camera could’ve captured how beautiful this view was and what a perfect ending to our first night it was.